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Each tutorial is accompanied by an attached instruction file. Please download the corresponding file for each tutorial first. It contains step by step instructions of all that is presented during the video tutorial. Tutorials with two parts have only one instruction file.

Furthermore, download the attached Excel file. This workbook contains all the worksheets used for the tutorials. There is only one Excel file for all the tutorials.

Instruction files will not be updated (only videos and data files). However, you may use the existing ones which refer to the same exercises under Excel version 2010 and not 2016 which is the current one.

Tutorials are currently being updated to Excel 2016. The attached xlsx file is mostly updated. A new version may be released soon.

Please download the attached file below required to attend the Video Tutorials.


Download this file (2017 XL Cases V1.2 (Solved).zip)Excel 2016 Cases V1.2[Solved Version]56 kB
Download this file (2017 XL Cases V1.2.zip)Excel 2016 Cases V1.2[Tutorial Spreadsheet File]48 kB